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April 19, 1996 - Illinois Tornado Outbreak

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Research Overview
On April 19, 1996, the largest single-day total of tornadoes ever struck the state of Illinois. 36 tornadoes were documented, some as strong as F-3 on the
Fujita tornado intensity scale. We are studying the development of tornadic storms in this day, by examining National Weather Service Doppler data and through simulation of the event on the NCSA Origin2000 system. Tornadoes also were reported in parts of Missouri, Iowa, Indiana and Kentucky. Beyond its importance as a severe midwest event, the early storm initiation, evolution, and association with mesoscale boundaries are of particular interest.

Research Description
We are using MM5 and COMMAS to study the convection on this day (see "Simulations" above). With high-resolution numerical studies of the outbreak, we are investigating:

Latest Developments - Sept. 2002
Earlier 1-km animations are
here. Our latest work regards idealized simulations of cell interaction. The results, presented at the Severe Local Storms Conference in San Antonio, is online here.

Participating Members
Brian F. Jewett, Bruce D. Lee, Robert Wilhelmson

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