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A Hierarchical Volume Rendering Tool for the Atmospheric Sciences

The Convective Modeling Group has historically worked to investigate and promote innovative visual representations of fluid dynamics codes in the atmospheric sciences. A portion of this initiative is further detailed below, in a collaborative project between the University of Minnesota's Laboratory for Computational Science and Engineering (LCSE), the National Center for Supercomputing Applications Experimental Technology Group and the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Sample products generated from current joint efforts in scientific visualization which employ the Hierarchical Volume Renderer (HVR) developed by David Porter of LCSE are demonstrated here. This freely available software provides an interactive means of large (has been applied to multi-billion voxel data sets) data set exploration via volume rendering. Successful application of this tool to general fluid and stellar dynamics are demonstrated on the LCSE movies site. Below we highlight current efforts in applying this tool to simulations in meso to storm scale meteorological data.

A Link is available here to the 2003 IIPS conference extended abstract.

NCOMMAS Cloud Model - Supercell Thunderstorm Simulation

The visualizations which follow were generated using HVR from model output of a numerical simulation of a supercell thunderstorm courtesy of Lou Wicker of the National Severe Storms Laboratory, using the NCOMMAS cloud model of his own design. The time interval demonstrated represents a 20 minute period of the simulation, commencing 100 minutes into the integration. Animations are quite large (15-22 Mb), so fast internet connections are suggested for viewing.