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VORTEX Field Program

(Verification of the Origin of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment)

Group members Bruce Lee and Brian Jewett participated in the VORTEX project in spring, 1994. Their CAM2 vehicle was one of three whose mission involved obtaining close-in movie footage for use in stereo photogrammetric analysis. Bruce was the CAM2 team leader, while Brian was responsible for 16mm, video and 35mm photography.

Although the field program ended in the summer of 1995, scientists will be analyzing data collected from VORTEX during the next several years.

Below are some of the slides taken by Brian Jewett during the field program:

Left to right: Bruce D. Lee,
Geoff Manikin and Brian Jewett.

Part of the VORTEX armada.

"Mammatus clouds"

Northfield, TX day (5/25/94)

The armada at NSSL.

The field coordinator van.

Marysville, KS

Marysville KS chase, later
(outflow dominated)

Looking N towards Wichita Falls, TX

Wichita Falls, later

All photographs copyright 1994 by Brian Jewett.

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