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Atmospheric Modeling Group

The Atmospheric modeling group at NCSA is a member of the Environmental Hydrology Team, one of the Application Technologies Teams with the National Computation Science Alliance. This team is concerned with the development of a distributed infrastructure for coupling atmospheric, land surface, river, bay and ecosystem models. This is being enabled by high-performance parallel computing and communications on the Grid. Specific technologies being employed include Globus, desktop (Java-based VisAD) to immersive virtual visualization (CAVE5D and Virtual Director) and HDF5 .

  • Benchmarks
  • Distributed Computing
  • Hurricane Opal Simulation
  • Images and Animations
  • Models
  • Visualization Tools
  • Archived Infrastructure and Visualization Efforts

  • Please also check our home page at Department of Atmospheric Sciences for more information on convective modeling research.

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    Last updated : Nov. 10, 1999