Convective Modeling Group Links

Gallery of the Atmospheric Modeling Group at NCSA and the Convective Modeling Group at DAS/UIUC

  • MPEG animations and images from Hurricane Opal simulation
  • 1km simulation of the April 19, 1996 tornado outbreak
  • Quicktime movie of non-supercell tornadogenesis simulation (1.8MB)
  • Quicktime movie of non-supercell tornadogenesis trajectories (3.1MB)
  • NCSA video "Study of a Numerically Modeled Severe Storm"
  • Animation from IMAX film "Stormchasers"
  • MPEG movies and images from various simulations using CAVE5D/Virtual Director
  • Tornado Video
  • Central Illinois Tornado Outbreak of April 19, 1996
  • The Cloud Catalog of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at UIUC
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    Last updated : Feb. 15, 2002